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Emma And The GobbletyGoos

Emma And The GobbletyGoos

Cast Members From "Days of Our Lives" and Retinoblastoma International Release A Touching Children's Story to Benefit Children With Retinoblastoma --


This children’s audio book was recorded exclusively by cast members from Days of Our Lives, who donated their time and talent to benefit children with retinoblastoma.


The cast of this 2003 production includes award-winning Days of Our Lives actors Deidre Hall, Melissa Reeves, Thaao Penghlis, and Matt Ashford . It also features Matt Ashford's daughter and retinoblastoma survivor, Emma Ashford.



All proceeds from the CD will be donated to RBI to help fight retinoblastoma.


Upon the original release of the CD, Matt Ashford, RBI board member and then cast member of Days of Our Lives, said, "We are so pleased to share this touching story about a little girl's battle to get well, and the friendship she finds in the most surprising creatures, the GobbletyGoos. With your help, we can fight retinoblastoma and bring hope to hundreds of sick children."


Author of Emma and the GobbletyGoos, Gordon Goodman, is a composer, singer, writer, inventor, actor, artist and lecturer. He has written and illustrated 10 children's books, three novels and a self-help book, as well as a musical version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. In addition, his dedication to children has led him to design toys and computer programs for young adults.


How to Order: CDs are available for $16.98 and are available online at LML Music  or at